Pacific Northwest is home


… heading home. Not finished shooting in India – I’ll be back for the real heat and ensuing monsoons but, a trip home is here now.  Being away from the paradox of India for one day is putting fresh light on my cultural musings.  I’m creating a list of the shots I’ve missed or messed … Continue reading

Arts & Crafts Hotel Project

Mangar Site_MG_0897

This is the project that brought me to New Delhi where I’ve been living for the last three months.  Along with the myriad of photographic opportunities and the adventures at every corner, I am creating a photo documentary of the building that could be the first LEED Platinum building in India. India’s Lalit Hotels is … Continue reading

Sikandarpur Market


One of my favourite things to do is to gently walk into the lives of people on their streets. I wandered into Sikandarpur Market, on a hot Saturday afternoon, with my 50 mm lens and speedlite with a Gary Fong lightsphere attachment – I was on a mission to find people willing to be photographed.  The language barrier, the … Continue reading

Touching The Untouchable


I have spent my time in India observing and trying to organize what I see in a way that makes sense to my North American sensibilities.  Although often uncomfortable and constantly perplexed I love this exercise, I can feel my brain expanding to accommodate new views every day. This photo was taken on my recent … Continue reading

Winning Landscape

Rajbahav Meadow_MG_9022

It is a wonderful feeling to be acknowledged. This reflection, caught at the Rajbahara Meadow at Bandhavgarh, won “Best in Landscape Category” in the Nomad Excursions Photo Contest.  You can view this and other winning images posted on their facebook page. Places to go, people to see: Nomad Excursions Facebook Page

Morning Light

I recently turned my lens towards wildlife and my estimation for wildlife photographers – always high – has just jumped several notches.  It’s harder than it looks.  For one thing the darn creatures don’t wait around for you to get your gear in order. I joined a group of photographers, brought together by Nomad Excursions, spent 3 … Continue reading