Children’s Fashion Photography

I’ve found a new genre that brings stimulating challenges and fills me with joy as a photographer.

Devon's Drawer _MG_7858

I was initiated into Children’s Fashion Photography by agreeing to a business trade with one of my lifelong friends.  Cynthia Bennett has taken her passion for design and fabrics, combined it with her love for her grandson and a new sustainable children’s clothing brand, Devon’s Drawer is developing with a combination of new vintage with freedom to play.

What fun I am having with these children.  From 6 mos. to 6 years old, they are such a pleasure to work with.


Different personalities abound in these willing models who guilelessly blossom in the wonderful clothing and attention.  With unusual problems to solve it requires being patient, alert + ready for that wonderful moment when the natural expression happens and eyes light up.  Planning the shoot is a combination of vision, a variety of possible settings, props that may or may not be interesting in the moment and expecting the unexpected.  I never really know what the shot is going to be until it happens.  Zyah, in the photos below, was moving so fast climbing the rocky hillside, I could hardly keep her in focus.  An exhilarating experience for both of us and the client too.

Devon's Drawer _MG_8203

Devon's Drawer _MG_8217

Devon's Drawer _MG_8225

places to go, people to see:

  • To browse and shop online for Devon’s Drawer: Sustainable Children’s Clothing click here.
  • Facebook page for M Azzarello Photography is here.

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