Pacific Northwest is home


… heading home.

Not finished shooting in India – I’ll be back for the real heat and ensuing monsoons but, a trip home is here now.  Being away from the paradox of India for one day is putting fresh light on my cultural musings.  I’m creating a list of the shots I’ve missed or messed up and look forward to returning to the opportunity to set-up with purpose, to get what I want in the frame.  Reading Dave Powell’s “Working a shot” blog post today has inspired me, given me the freedom to go back and do it again, to take 400 shots if that’s what it takes to catch the image the way I see it.

All the energy and intention created by the thoughts of India twirling in my brain have not dampened my longing to see the beauty of the Pacific Northwest – my home on the Gulf Islands.


I took this shot on a winter afternoon walk just over a year ago.  Very different from the colour and light that I’ve been living these past 3 months, the natural de-saturation is a peaceful balm to my eyes.  The dark frame of the foreground emphasizes the empty space and brings attention to the misty hills in the distance emulating a timeless quality that feeds the heart, reminiscent of a Toni Onley watercolour painting.

Playing with the time-honoured rule of not shooting into the sun, I payed attention to the position of the light source to control the lens flare in the landscape.  There is more to explore here on a spring afternoon.  What difference a season will make to light and landscape and, a la Dave, I may just hang out there day after day to “work the shot” until I get exactly what I want in every detail.  I’ll keep you posted.

Places to go, people to see:

  • If you are interested in Toni Onley’s watercolour landscapes have a gander here.
  • Dave Powell’s blog post “Working a shot” is here.
  • Lens Flare Tutorial here.
One Response to “Pacific Northwest is home”
  1. Susan Underwood says:

    Welcome back Mike!

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