Arts & Crafts Hotel Project

Mangar Site_MG_0897

This is the project that brought me to New Delhi where I’ve been living for the last three months.  Along with the myriad of photographic opportunities and the adventures at every corner, I am creating a photo documentary of the building that could be the first LEED Platinum building in India.

India’s Lalit Hotels is consulting with Canadian experts to build the SIREWALL portion of an Arts and Crafts Hotel in Mangar.  This four-star, boutique hotel is located in a forest reserve near Faridabad that was virtually denuded until the government and local benefactors stepped in to protect the area.  The trees are growing back, the wildlife is returning and the local villagers have been enlisted to share their historical building techniques.  Random rubble walls are built from material on site sorted for size and stacked as seen below.


SIREWALL’s “engineered sandstone” walls in combination with the “random rubble” walls create a beautiful building perched in the natural landscape and bring awareness of local culture to visitors.  Incorporated into the design is space for an outdoor market where local crafts-people will have the opportunity to bring their wares to sell.

Mangar Site_MG_0897

The timeline on the completion of my photographic portion of this project is the end of 2012.  I’ll keep you all posted on my progress as we go along.

Places to go, people to see:

5 Responses to “Arts & Crafts Hotel Project”
  1. alex says:

    Hi! Wow, it looks so good! It’s really cool hearing about the “foundation” of the sirewall project, and it’s great having an update about your role as photographer; I’d love to hear more about about your photographic process—what you’re thinking about when photographing it, how you want to show the images, technical thoughts, etc!

  2. Patricia Brown says:

    Beautiful combination of the ancient and the modern in the building techniques!

  3. Ante todo te doy las gracias por pasar por mi blog, ya que me has dado la oportunidad de conocerte. Que envidia me das, poder estar en un sitio tan maravilloso, dicen que un fotógrafo jamás debe dejar de ir a la India, un sitio que da muchísimo. Y en cuanto al hotel me encanta, no me importaría para nada alojarme allí por un tiempo, seguiré su documental paso a paso, saludos

  4. Prafulla Sinha says:

    Looks good in Aravali valley.
    Hope to enjoy the physical presence soon.

  5. Dr. Shakeel A. Khan says:

    Unique design and in complete harmony with the local landscape.

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